Pigeons find it convenient to invade homes and corporate buildings, as these places have the perfect locations to build their nests. Pigeons breed fairly quickly and the age for a pigeon to be able to reproduce is 6 months. Pigeons can live up to 15 years and can lay 2 eggs about two to three times each year. So you can do the math!

Before invading a property, pigeons perch on the ledge, roof or window sill to analyze the surroundings. They check for availability of food and water. If the basic criteria are met, they start nesting and roosting. So you may see just a couple of birds on your roof top and before you know it, you have a whole pigeon infestation. But you need not worry as professional removers can help remove pigeons from your home or office premises and you can keep your property safe again.

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Pigeon and Reproduction

The pigeon is a monogamous bird, which means it mates with one partner for life. They build nests on surfaces that suit them. At one time, a pigeon lays 2 white eggs. This occurs usually after 12 to 15 days after mating. When the eggs hatch, the birds survive on crop milk that is provided to them by the parents. Later they are fed other substitutes. It takes approximately 30 days for the fledgling to start flying. Until then, they stay in the nest with the parents.

Pigeons will always build their nests close to food and water sources. This ensures that they do not have to make long trips to get food to their offspring. They are also extremely protective of their eggs and fledglings, so if they sense harm, they may even attack their predator.

Health and Safety Hazards

Pigeons are considered as health and safety hazards due to their irresponsible nature. Pigeons leave their droppings all over the place they are present in. Their droppings contain bacteria and fungus that cause serious diseases in humans. Their droppings are slippery and when they mess walkways or sidewalks, it becomes a safety hazard as oblivious passersby could slip, have a bad fall and injure themselves.

Pigeon nests are also said to be the cause of house fires. The material used to build their nest may come loose and mess with the insulation and result in an electrical fire. It is best to get rid of these menace birds as soon as possible.

Pigeon Eradication and Control

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